Wednesday, 2 April 2014

It’s Completely Fine To Speak Out And Point Your Boss’s Mistakes!!

How do you react to situations when you find that the project you are working on is not going in right direction, or if you know that your boss is wrong? If your answer is I do nothing about it – you are definitely not the only one. 

Research studies have always pointed out the fact that more than 50% of employees do nothing on finding any systemic error in organizational framework or if they are not treated rightly. Even the senior management failed to take proper actions if they find any mysterious activity in the company. 


Here, the problem is- How To Speak? How To Blow That Whistle??
Employees are generally haunted by the fears of losing their jobs or landing into conspiracies if they go out of their way and make a noise. These conversations are undoubtedly difficult, but someone has to take the forward step to make things better or get on the track. 

The remedy is: It is always better to write if you can’t speak!! That’s the catch!
How good it would be if you had a complaint filing system, where you can go and register your complaint. Moreover, you can keep a track of the processing of your complaint! TeamWise Complaint Centre frees you from the burden of taking so many issues in your head.  You can simply register your complaint over the HRMS software and get a complete evaluation of the problem along with a satisfactory solution. 

Hence, this will not only make your employees stress free, but will also enhance the level of trust and companionship between the organization and the employees.