Tuesday, 17 March 2015

What Kills HR Productivity??

As the roles of HR keep evolving in the organizational set-up, a clear fact is that HR is made to be directly related to strategic business planning and initiatives. 

A recent survey on what consumes maximum HR professionals’ time versus what must consume it revealed that the major threat to HR productivity is managing employees that includes solving their queries, resolving issues, maintaining discipline, and employee recognition. About 71% HR professionals admitted that their maximum time is utilized in handling these employee issues and queries. 

Other areas that eat up their time include recruitment and company compliance matters.  

Seasoned HR professionals have a more strategic role to play in the company rather than investing it in routine tasks. Their scope is beyond manual employee documentation or payroll processing or taking regular employee trainings. Moreover, these professionals also want to be in the roles of overseeing and managing workplace culture and involving in strategic workforce planning and other related activities. 

Though it is believed that HR people are well-trained, maximum HR respondents revealed that they take trainings at regular intervals as well as try updating themselves with weekly HR updates.
Thus, the findings have clearly emphasized the need to analyze the gap between the functions HRs are involved in and what are the ones they actually need to be instrumental in.  

These mundane HR tasks can be regarded as the productivity killers for seasoned HR professionals as they consume their maximum time and deter them from focusing towards more strategic roles. However, using all-automated HRIS software can scale down these functions and free the department from tedious manual tasks. 

The major functions include employee management, recruitment, managing timesheets, updating employee information, Leave And Attendance Management, performance management, etc. TeamWise can be an answer to all those HR professionals who are looking forward to improve their performance and enhance role within the organization. By getting adaptive to the technology and shifting routine tasks to the system can help witness a new age HR that is more strategic and has more power!