Thursday, 21 January 2016

How To Create A Lasting Onboarding Experience For Your New Hires ?

On-boarding Employee
Traditional onboarding is often a stereotyped experience for majority of new hires because it is focused on extremely dry and monotonous processes, like filling a lot of forms, attending company induction, going through heap of new rules and regulations, etc. Almost every organization follows a similar process forcing new employees to experience ‘not so good’ first few days.

Surveys reveal that organizations who don’t concentrate or put efforts in making this process better, are more likely to face lower retention rates and significantly declined employee motivation and satisfaction.

Follow these simple yet effective measures to make the process a long-lasting memory for your new hires.

Don’t leave everything for the joining day

Make sure that all the necessary paperwork (which doesn’t include employee’s presence) is completed before the employee’s joining date. In this way, his/her first few days won’t be occupied in just filling out forms. Welcome your new employee with a welcome kit having all information regarding his/her role, company policies, common rules and regulations, etc. Also make sure that the team he/she is joining already recognizes the new hire by his/her name. This will give them a sense of friendliness and will help them in gelling with the team more easily.

Embrace technology to collect & reuse new employee information

No one likes to complete same forms again and again or provide the same information over and over again in different forms. Same goes with your employees; they too feel irritated when you give them a bunch of forms to fill and every form starts with, Name, Address, etc. Leveraging the power of technology and using online forms requiring candidates to fill information only once as well as automated workflows will help you remove the hassles and headaches caused during the on-boarding process. It will help employers / HR managers pull out some general information about the new employee and spare them the horror of filling never-ending forms right on their first day of joining.

Assign a mentor for work-related help and a colleague to guide them around

When a new employee joins an organization, he/she is not in any way different than a school child on his/her first day at a new school. Everything needs to be figured out, like where’s the classroom or the cafeteria, etc. Your new hire is also in the same confused state. Thus, assign one of his teammates to show him around and get introduced to every concerned person. Also, make sure you have a mentor assigned for him to help him get introduced to his work and how things are getting done at his new workplace.

Use gamification to make his/her first few days full of fun

Several organizations have started opting for gamification strategy to make their new hires comfortable as soon as they can. This includes several games that are played in the organization or within the team so that new employee can easily bond with the company culture and his/her colleagues. This is a far better way to have your new employees get comfortable, than providing them with monotonous presentations, lectures, reading materials, etc.

Taken as a whole, these simple tips will help your new hires connect with the organization’s culture more quickly and easily. Moreover, they will have a lasting experience with extensive satisfaction and motivation to work for the organization in a much better way.