Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The Role Of Technology In Making Employee Engagement Better!


Why did the great eagles of Gandalf the Grey in “Lord of the Rings” did not fly Frodo Baggins to the Mount Doom for destroying the ring?

This could have been very simple right! If they can fly him back then why not helped him in the first place?

I’ll tell you! Because, there are no shortcuts on the journey to success.

Likewise, keeping your employees engaged and putting efforts in making them satisfied is a continuous and definitely not an easy process which cannot be shortened in any way.

It’s All About Employee Engagement!

As a manager, you know it is extremely crucial to keep your employees engaged but how exactly does it work? Actually, engaged employees are those who make use of their discretionary efforts and have the zeal to go that extra mile, apart from their regular monotonous work. They tend to develop a sense of dedication to their organization and its goals. Therefore, a mutual understanding between an employer and the employee is must to develop which will serve as the foundation of engaging/retaining talented employees and meeting the organizational pre-set goals. It is also equally important to keep this foundation strong, and keep the momentum going.

But, how can you assure the success of such a high-level engagement or build a team with that level of commitment? The game plan is right here!

Bring The Power In Your People – With Technology!

The role of technology in business continue to uplift at a very fast pace, and 2015 and beyond will definitely see a plenty of new trends sidelining the old traditional methods. Optimizing the employees’ work potential is almost impossible in today’s culture without making use of various connection options and devices. This displays how technology has deeply rooted itself into our day-to-day life, and for sure, engaging your employees is not at all an exception.
With video communication to social networks to BYOD to embracing mobile technology, the use of tech-enabled engagement is the choice at present by most of the employers.

But implementing the technology blindly can make blunders when your expectation was to make things simple. Thus, before anything is set, consider the following –

Enhance technology comfort – If employees don’t feel comfortable with the newly implemented technology then instead of motivating them, you will receive a reverse affect. Thus, employee’s strengths and comfort levels must be considered before applying any changes.

Once comfortable, keep them informed
– Once the employees get hold of the technology, keep them involved in any discussions regarding new enhancements. Every improvement has a purpose, make sure this purpose is clearly publicized.

Analyze whether the motives are met or not
– Keep requesting for feedbacks and suggestions to analyze whether the new implementation is successful in meeting the desired targets. Re-assess the situation and the underlying cause if your work culture doesn’t welcome the new system.

The true value of any company comes from its people. If you believe in this motto then it is the right time to employ significant strategies and embed efficient HR software in the organization so that you can engage your employees in a better way.

Fostering a never like before engaged workforce will help any organization in achieving its mission, executing the pre-defined strategies and spawn positive results. However, the specific ways to define and invest in engagement can variate from organization-to-organization based on the company’s objectives, strategies and workforce. HR practices that are carefully crafted can prove to be the key drivers in increasing Employee Engagement and commitment.