Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Stop Day-Dreaming For Having A Better Work-Life BALANCE, It Will Never Happen!!

The rise of the digital age has taken us into the online world 24*7. Now, we are “right here” everytime everywhere! People do talk about mortifying work-life balance, but that is true.

Some companies however boast of giving their employees proper opportunities to maintain the balance, but that is a myth. With everyone being accessible all times, the balance does not exist!

But this is nothing to mourn on!..Infact, this is that fact which is better when realized early. You can never cut yourself out from your professional life when you are with your family, and vice-versa is equally true! Even in important family get together or your holidays, you sneak peek into your official accounts to ensure you don’t miss out on any business-critical communication.

If you don’t feel guilty on checking your personal phone messages or mails during office-time, then what’s wrong checking your official accounts while you are spending time with your family?? 

Here, what everyone needs to understand is we need to have that balance in “mind” and not physically!!.The underlying principle is to prioritize the tasks and follow accordingly instead of juggling between the two. Sometimes, you can help your child in his assignment while you are in office or travelling, and similarly, you can solve some complex office issue while you are on a vacation. All you need is to extract those 10-15 minutes time from both set-ups.


TeamWise HRMS also allows you to manage your accounts from office or from remote locations with an ease of access to information. Thus, it’s time to stop worrying and waiting for that balance and start working on it to bring better output personally as well as professionally!!