Monday, 13 January 2014

How Secure Is Your Data With Employee Information Systems?


HR departments have millions of employee information pieces to track and keep record of. Routine tasks such as payroll management, leave and attendance management, recruitment, etc. keep the HR people overloaded and do not give them time to even take a break.

Luckily, Employee Information Systems or the HR software offer innovative solutions along with increased control over employee information that further helps in processing tasks in a more efficient manner as well as fulfilling data tracking and data entry needs of the organization.

Although widely known, but it’s worthy to state that the system can automate all the major processes including payment process, gathering critical information, tax and deduction computations, etc. Apart from these, major benefit of the system is that it frees up the HR teams from time consuming tasks and allows them to focus on other strategic functions that need more attention.

Well, all these functionalities are more or less common in every HRIS, but what actually makes a difference is the robustness of the system and the level of accuracy it brings in managing all the information. Moreover, employee information is a confidential thing and needs to be secured with high level of security measures.

TeamWise HRMS understands the importance of this data for your business and puts in adequate efforts to ensure that the data is safe and secure. Secure Socket Layer method is also offered as an option to access the application that creates an encrypted link for maintaining security of all the data and communications.