Thursday, 12 December 2013

Mobilize Your Workforce With HR Mobile Applications!

With increasing mobility of workforce along with business operations, there is an instant need to consider the trend and incorporate it in other business related activities that need to get mobilized!

Current workforce is not just restricted to their cubicles and has adopted more flexible working styles. The smartphone generation now wants almost Everything On Mobile and HR technology is no exception! With the rising trend of mobile technology, the business departments are exploring more areas where they can leverage the technology to gain more profitable results.

The technological surveys and reports also support the idea that it may prove fruitful to retool the Human resource management systems and add mobile compatibility features to them. The technology will not only ease down the basic HR functions that are related with regular employee-based activities such as their attendance management, leave management, recruitment, etc., but will also allow the managers and senior executives to have a real-time decision making through availability of all reports and information through the HR mobile application in their smartphones.

 Majority of HR Software vendors are working on making the application, while TeamWise has an intelligent mobile compatible application, with more interactive and user-friendly functionalities. It gives complete access to employee information and database in a less time. Employees can lower down pending tasks through 24*7 accessibility to all the information and statistical reports.