Monday, 17 February 2014

Transforming HR Department into Revenue-Generation Division!

Most of the businesses that we connect with these days are busier in making dramatic changes in their strategies for recruiting, aligning, managing performance, talent management, and taking decisions on remunerations. 

But what the CEOs and other top management officials are concerned about is what they can do to bring this change. Everybody understands it clearly that “PEOPLE” are the valuable assets, but they are lagging behind in finding strategy that can help their HR members to UNLOCK the talent of their existing TALENT POOL

Ironically, despite of showing such proactive concern, in many companies, HR departments lack support from top executives and get restricted in deploying those approaches that they desire to bring in. 

Thus, the CEOs of the companies must understand the POWER of its talent and must work on transforming the HR departments into the DRIVERS of REVENUE. HR people can use the modern technology to achieve new insights, make decisions driven by data facts and engage more with employees to enhance productivity. 

Today’s young digital workforce cannot be tamed to work like the 70s clerks with no knowledge about technology and its use. To retain such talent, you need to keep all the technology in hand and provide them the best of working condition and “working style”. Apart from the attractive packages, what keeps a young employee adhered to the organization is the techno-savvy environment. Like for example, they would like it if you have all-automated HR software that takes care of all employee-related functions from hire to fire.

So, now its upto the CEOs whether they are ready to bring in that HR transformation that can help bring this dynamic, avid and technology driven workforce and make your HR department business-centric and data-driven revenue generators.