Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Make Them Organizational Pillars, Not Just Your Employees..!!

The war for talent is always on! No matter what industry it is...Even if it is the most sluggishly growing sector or the one experiencing modest growth, competition for acquiring talent persists everywhere!

Majority of companies have big concerns regarding who will be their future leaders!!. According to a recent survey, only 15% companies in Asia believe that they have such talented employees within the organization that can be said to be satisfactorily qualified to be the successors of top positions.


All the C-suites are busy devising new strategies on creating succession plans for filling their key positions. But, the most common strategy is to hold programs that focus on “high potential” employees, who the company believes will be the future successors.

For an effective talent management, you need to use strong talent development programs. These entail:

Strategic Talent Development Programs: These programs should be well-aligned with your corporate strategy instead of using a cookie-cutter approach.

Selecting Candidates With A Long-Term Strategy
: Assess each and every candidate through a combination of angles and aspects, so that you don’t end up hiring short-term employees that waste your time, energy and resources on training them.

Rotate Talent: It might happen that you hire someone for one profile but he seems to be more than perfect for the other. Rotate such candidates to achieve new heights and business growth.

Honest Communication: This is very important to transform your current employees into future leaders and pillars of the organization. Keep clear communications with your employees allowing them to know what’s exactly going on!

You must ensure that your organization is religiously following these practices through an efficient Talent Management System as that of TeamWise, that makes sure you get your business successors right here!