Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Balance Performance with Relations Through Monthly Performance Review System

One of the daunting tasks for any manager or supervisor, is to assess and evaluate his sub-ordinates’ performance. The supervisors are always in a dilemma over how to manage the performance. That is whether they should keep on providing feedbacks or should keep it to them for the annual performance appraisal process.

In India, it is not just about the money, the corporate set-up is not untouched by the inter-personal relationships that people at workplaces share and try to keep them along with their professional lives. Here, it becomes rather more difficult as the major concern is to sustain the relationship even if the manager is not giving a polite feedback or to put in simple words, gives a negative comment.


Thus, to maintain a decent professional and personal relationship, managers should encourage the monthly performance review process. This will also help the employees understand what mistakes they made and also find a solution to rectify the issues at hand. This will be a peace making solution as the manager can give negative feedbacks on one month’s performance and may appreciate the next month’s performance thereby balancing the performance as well as work environment. It will also lead to continuous improvement in employees’ performance as they are also concerned about their annual appraisals.

TeamWise HRMS has an added feature of Monthly Appraisal System that can help the managers and supervisors to tactfully deal and balance the employee performance appraisal while maintaining the decorum.