Thursday, 19 June 2014

Resume – A True Insight Of A Professional Journey!!

With hundreds battling for a single job role, it becomes toilsome for the Recruiters to select one. Beyond the bounds, it becomes backbreaking to choose from the documents that are similar looking. 

Well yes!! You thought it right. We are talking about the artless downpour of resumes in our day to day phase of Recruitment which instills none other than ‘self driven’, ‘motivated’, ‘team player’, ‘passionate’ and few other conventional words that have mutely become the customary while ‘making a resume’.  

Why has that honest existence dried up where one can genuinely discover the personality that is there on the paper?
All seems to be in the automatic mode where the resumes are systematically littered with chronic words, conventional frames that are completely drenched with ‘play safe’ attitude that not only makes it boring but obvious too. 

TeamWise-Talent Management System

What all major organizations look for are “4 Ps” that describe the complete persona of the individual and conclude on his credibility. Beginning from the Personality description followed by Performance and then exhibiting the behavior of Persistence and Persuasion creates a complete flowchart of an effective resume.

Your Resume is the first impression towards the company and as it is said, first impression is the last impression! Therefore, to make a flourishing career, all you need to do is dare to come out of the conventional streets of fake descriptions to honest performance feats that take your career to new heights.!