Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Do You Ever Think How Your HR Team Executes Recruitment Process?

Being an employer or a company with more than 100 employees, do you find it easy to track the new recruitment or how even a resource request is generated?

Not many companies focus towards this aspect which, perhaps, is one of the most deciding factors for any organization’s future. As an employer, you need to be assured of the quality that you are bringing in and would the resource be profitable enough to compensate for the investments that had been made in executing the entire process. 


Usually, the actual outcome of an effective recruitment is seen once the candidate is recruited and starts giving results after a set time period. The turnover figures are directly or indirectly linked to these hiring that further decide whether the respective person will stay or not with the organization.
Thus, an organization requires such robust recruitment management software that can efficiently manage the entire hiring process right from generation of a resource request, to the execution of final recruitment formalities. Additionally, it needs an integrated performance evaluation system that may coherently monitor the new joinee’s performance. 

TeamWise Recruitment Management System can efficiently provide a solution to this as the tool is specially developed keeping in view the respective concern. It can robustly manage the resource request flow, generate job openings, manage resumes, schedule hiring process, and complete new entrant formalities, etc. Thus, it can ease out HR tasks to a great extent while maintaining the quality of the job done.