Friday, 29 November 2013

How Efficient Is Your Employee Information System?

Not long ago, I came across a business owner, now a prestigious client, who shared an incident with us. 

He told us, that last year they had an annual conference when their overseas clients were going to visit their Head office in India. Along with the conference, the delegates also wanted to propose some new venture with them and for that they required the complete employee database of their company. 

To provide the same, the human resources team was asked to deliver the complete set of information in a week’s time that required a complete study of company’s records. The information included record of all current and terminated employees for the last 3 years, copies of their salary reports, potential employees’ performance sheets, etc.

Luckily, the HR teams of our client, had completed their documenting work just a few weeks ago, and so they were able to deliver the required reports and information in time. Their foreign delegates were also happy with the records and gave them some big business. But, in case, if they would have failed to deliver the records in time, that would have left a negative impact and they must have missed out on the business opportunity. 

Just after the incident, the client started searching for an efficient Employee Information System that can automatically maintain individual employee records including their performance sheets, attendance sheets, their salary remunerations, investment details, etc. This is when, he came across TeamWise that qualified in all his concerns and offered him exactly what he wanted.

To sum up, to run your business effectively and grab more business opportunities, a business needs to manage its most important asset, i.e. employees in the right way through a robust employee information solution.

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