Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Lord Shiva Personifying the “Ideal” Entrepreneur!!

Whenever an organization witnesses the ups and downs in its business cycle, it reminds me of our mythological ethos and management practices that never fail out and there is always that Plan “X” that works in any situation as a trump card!

Lord Shiva, most powerful denominations in our Hindu mythology is one of the three primary God figures or ‘Trimurthis’.  From a business perspective, he personifies a challenge-ridden and value-driven entrepreneur. 

Like one of his fearsome form, “Rudra”, every entrepreneur must have that determination in him to withstand any situation fearlessly and courageously like Lord Shiva. 

Similarly, when it comes to managing employees or establishing healthy employee relationships, the HR departments must take his “Shipra Kobi” and “Shipra Prasadi” forms that entail immense love and respect for employees.

When it comes to managing your employees, you must have a balance between employee relations and business progression. Being nice to employees doesn’t mean that you need to accommodate the unproductive ones just to maintain healthy relationship. You can any time fire the one who is no good for your business and should keep the best ones for your endeavors. 

TeamWise helps you take all Lord Shiva forms from a “destroyer” to a “business propeller” to a “determinant HR”.  At every phase of your business, you need to be aware of all your employees and their contribution in your business ventures. With the HR Software, you can get all the detailed information that help you take the courageous and success-driven decisions.

Scale-up your expertise as an efficient Entrepreneur and become the favorite "Boss" Using the Management and Entrepreneurial skills of Lord Shiva on this special occasion of “Maha Shivratri”!!