Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Wish To Have An Engaged Workforce? Consider These Tips!

Employee engagement—considered as one of the most serious concerns in every organization’s corporate agenda, is also considered as a deciding criterion in today’s war for acquiring talent. Then,

What is still making employees disengaged?

There could be many reasons that contribute to make a workforce disengaged. These could be low compensations, unclear growth path, no creative liberty, extensive favoritism, and the list goes on!

Employers are now struggling and find this task of engaging employees and retaining employees as a nightmare. The reason is, majorly, either they don’t possess the right HR skills to establish a happy, satisfied and engaged workforce or they find it extremely difficult to recruit those candidates whom the organization really needs!

The consequences of a disengaged workforce can be extremely costly with serious impact on your business, customers, overall productivity, company performance and also employees’ personal lives. Moreover, you may lose your potential employees to your competitors. Thus, the best way to battle this issue is to have:

Don’t let your communication become “Chinese Whispers”:

Make effective and honest communication so that every party involved – employees and employers – is always on the same page in terms of understanding organizational goals and setting priorities.

Make a “Cutting Dash” offer:

Incentivize your employees and keep them fairly paid all the time. Focus on returning equal amount of appreciation as you expect in receiving from the employees in the form of their hard work.

Make sure that you always “Cause a Stir” among the employee:

Make efforts in engaging your employees through understanding their future goals and assigning projects according to their interests. A scope or a boost in their career will definitely make them more engaged.

Work towards building “Happy Camper” employees:

Keep your employee wellbeing always on your priority list. After all, happy employees are engaged employees.

These factors, when applied successfully, will help in motivating employees to a much higher extent.

Lack of Employee Engagement in an organization can have serious detrimental effects on the employees’ productivity as well as the overall well-being of the company. Thus, by gelling brand and people, two of the most valuable assets of any organization, perfectly together will definitely deliver high quality results, as expected. With the aforementioned guidelines, you are not only sure to possess a never like before engaged workforce, you can also enhance internal communications, foster innovation, provide a better than before customer experience and uplift your overall workplace culture to a whole new level.