Monday, 23 December 2013

Still Facing Trouble with your Payroll Computation Process?

Salary computation errors may worry any employee working on any position within an organization. If the errors are quite frequent, then this may develop sense of distrust among the employees towards the payroll departments of the organization. This is because, if the disbursed salaries are wrongly calculated, the process of rectification and clearing due amounts is quite a tedious process for both the parties. The payroll administrators need to adjust the amount in next month’s salary sheets that may be troublesome for them. 


In India, most of the organizations usually rely on manual payroll systems and even the employees compute their expected salary for upcoming month well in advance. But, in larger organizations with a relatively higher number of employees, this cannot work and human errors are indispensable. It is because the organizations have multiple offices with more employees and it is practically impossible to monitor each employee’s monthly contribution. 

It is the time to change the traditional trends and get on track with new technology. However, using HR software for tracking employee attendance has been in trend for quite a while now, but incorporating a payroll system with it is the need of the hour. TeamWise-Payroll Management System is integrated with the HRMS that will automatically compute the individual salaries by taking out necessary information regarding tax deductions, allowances, incentives, etc. It will also free your payroll administrators from the tedious manual task, and shift focus towards other necessary considerations. Now, you can pay our employees on time even if your payroll administrator is on leave for long!