Monday, 25 November 2013

Are You Tracking Your Employees’ Performance Rightly?

The rising competition in market demands more outstanding productivity shown by the organization. This entirely depends on how your employees perform. Employee performance is the only contributor in any organization’s overall performance and so, evaluating every employee’s performance is a common practice everywhere.

But, the major concern is, are the employers evaluating their employees rightly? Or do the employees know what exactly they need to do? For an accurate assessment, there is a need for such a platform where the performance can be openly discussed, supervisors could give their feedback and the employees should get proper guidance on what will be their next task and how to execute it. With the busy schedules and global presence of organizations, the supervisors and their subordinates are not able to take out much time and invest it in one on one discussion.

TeamWise- Performance Management

Well, technology has eased down the things for them as TeamWise offers an excellent Performance Evaluation system that well caters to this concern. The system is completely auto generated and every month the employees are required to fill in the details of their monthly performance, on which their supervisors provide feedback and suggestions. This way the entire process can be conducted without investing much time and also it remains in a recorded manner that can be further used for the annual appraisals or when any critical decision need to be taken.

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