Monday, 26 May 2014

Praising the Top Performers While Staying Diplomatic!

While all the employees keep on cursing their senior executives for not praising them on their performance, senior executives also sometimes get into dilemma about how to give feedback on their sub-ordinate’s top performances. 

Unlike what employees think, managers do want to give right feedback to their top performers and help them improve! But sometimes they don’t want them to get into developmental plans that put a negative impact. 

TeamWise-Performance Management System

Firstly, never avoid let them know that they are doing well...this is IMPORTANT! Seriously, whenever you get some good work done...Praise it without giving it a second thought!

Frequently communicate it your employees that how valuable they are, what exceptional they have done, their achievements, failures, team participation, leadership, etc.   

TeamWise-Talent Management System
At the same time, you need to be tricky so that your employees don’t get over-confident about their performance and stay focused. Moreover, praising comes with some reaction from the other side as well! Many employees go out and ask for a performance comparison with their peers or inquire about their competitor’s performance ratings. 

However, they also ask for improvement or skill development programs that can help them hone their skills.  


Therefore, this feedback ‘give n take’ mechanism is constant in every organization and helps you review your employee performances and give feedbacks. TeamWise PerformanceManagement System allows you to assess every individual’s performance accurately and guide them accordingly.