Monday, 12 May 2014

Resolving The Unsolved Hiring Mystery!!

There is an unsolved mystery about hiring the right talent!

While companies invest so much in their hiring processes from acquiring the best talent hunters to the individuals who can precisely assess every candidate on different grounds, still the most appropriate candidates are being unintentionally excluded from even coming into consideration.

Team Wise-Recruitment Management System

What’s going wrong in here??Let’s take a closer look:

People are hired on the basis of their personal description and not according to the job description!
Yeah! During the recruitment processes, recruiters look up to the qualifications, experience and skills of individuals, which may be good for the company, but the job opening you have, does not need that individual and may be the candidate you just rejected could perform better than the selected one! It’s better to keep the profile and work description in mind while making the hiring. This will help you take better decisions. 

While hiring, you talk about experience and accomplishments of individuals. Does that work? I do agree that experience should be there, but that should not be the only deciding criteria. Maybe an individual with less experience could perform extraordinarily than an individual having more experience. 

Team Wise-Recruitment Management System

Most of us do the same, we hire someone whom we know or have worked with as we feel he/she might best fit the job role, but when the same opening has to be filled by the one we don’t know, the whole dynamics changes, we move onto their educational qualifications, corporate experiences, etc. that are actually not needed (OK…partially needed)!!

Thus, here the idea is to make managers rethink their hiring strategies and rely on a Recruitment Management System like TeamWise when you want to hire the right (apt for the job role) candidate and not the rightly qualified candidate (academically only).