Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Is Your Talent Falling Prey To Biased Opinions?

HR professionals are keeping quite busy in compiling talent pool in their organizations! 

Companies are always looking out to identify, nurture, engage and retain employees who have the capability and potential to add real value to the organization, and thus HR teams always have their antennae out to identify those individuals. 

But, what you need to beware of is the single handed opinion of the line managers…

Your process of finding the best one may fall prey to a single biased opinion and that may lead to losing out on a potential candidate. Usually, HR’s have the tendency to take employee feedback from their immediate heads or seniors or line managers. These feedbacks, at times, could be a reflection of the inter-personal relation between the single individual and the manager. This could be quite different from the original one. 

For instance, if you take an individuals’ rating from his current manager, you can get a complete idea of what level of performer he/she is. In many cases, this could be true, but if you take his/her colleagues, team members and clients’ ratings as well, you never know you could have got a completely different rating! 

Thus, to overcome this bias, what you can do is trying using a well-planned talent-identification process where you can involve other colleagues, team members and customers to take an individual’s overall feedback. This should not be taken as an offensive practice, but can be used to identify the blind spots (if any) while judging an individual’s abilities. 

Therefore, HR people must try focusing on using the right data and analytics while making decisions as biased or partial opinions may make you miss out on some hidden internal talent. Talent Management System can be a solution, where employees can showcase their contribution, while their supervisors can rate them on the basis of what they have accomplished and not according to their personal opinions.