Thursday, 24 April 2014

As A Recruiter, Are You Performing Your Duty Well??

This seems to be one of the toughest things for a job seeker- to get a ‘rejection letter’. A job seeker is in constant hope of getting a positive reply from the recruiters, but worse than this is waiting for a response for too long that finally ends up with a NO!

Sadly, job seekers are in a pitiful situation with no mercy from the recruiters at all!

But, from the recruiter side, it is a ‘not-so-professional’ thing. When you call a candidate for an interview or a recruitment process, it is your responsibility to make candidate aware about the proceeding, no matter you wish to take his candidature forward or not!

TeamWise-Recruitment Management System

They strive really hard to come out clean in all the filters that you put, and as they come closer, the hope becomes concentrated to occupy that position. Many a times, the HRs don’t even consider informing the rejected candidates. But sometimes they get stuck due to lack of time, or getting inappropriate response from the department heads or decision-making authorities. 

These reasons and situations have been into existence since a long time now, but you can end it and place yourself as a genuine and responsible recruiter. 

TeamWise- Recruitment Management System

With TeamWise Recruitment Management System, you can accelerate the whole process from generating resource request to the recruitment process proceedings including request flow, scheduling, etc. The HR managers can remain updated about the rejected and shortlisted candidates and notify them well in time so that none of the job seekers is left wondering about the respective job vacancy. 

Every Job seeker has the Right to be Notified about his Candidature!