Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Tips to Handle Gen X and Gen Y Workforce!

For HR of any company, this is definitely one of the most terrifying topics to talk on… Making Agreements Between Gen X and Gen Y!

American workforce is divided in four generation groups- veterans, baby boomers and Gen X and Gen Y. Managing all four or rather say balancing them all is a delicate task to do and HR are often in a dilemma how to bring all 4 to consensus.

The former two are the peaceful and easy to handle guys..but the pain in the neck are Gen X and Gen Y employees! From recurring conflicts to reluctance for settling on less..they show it ALL. Gen X people hate to be in everyone’s eyes all the time as they see it as interference while the latter appreciates the attention.


This is definitely an exhausting task and for managing such multigenerational workforce, you need bring in innovative strategies and tactics. If you are at these odds, here we are with some tricky tips to help you maintain harmony within the organization:

Tactful Communication: 

Gen X likes to communicate informally, and like to be set free to work with a loyal plus independent approach without any unnecessary interference. On the other hand, gen Y likes to be more formal with systematic feedback and processing.

Knowledge Sharing System:

Both generations are well-versed with technology; bring them together on same platform like HR Software where they can share their personal information as well as knowledge and insights with each other, BUT, in a HARMONIOUS manner.

Team Building:

Bring in same teams! Conflicts will be followed by innovative ideas and strategies that can really work for the company. Positive results will lead to great PARTNERSHIPS!

Diversified Training:

Since both have different temperament and approach towards their work and work culture, train them accordingly. However, you can later train them in similar manner once they learn what to do.
As of now, the two generations make up approximately 50% of entire workforce that is expected to increase in the coming time. Thus, both need to work collaboratively for getting better business insights and achieve new heights.