Wednesday, 8 January 2014

How Grievance Handling Caters To Employee Emotions?

Employee Grievance Handling can be the most Exciting as well as Daunting task for an HR. 

Thinking why Exciting? 

Answer being an employee can come up with any kind of issue- some funny, some serious and some may cannot be treated as an issue even. But, what makes it exciting and daunting is you cannot show your predicament towards any of these and have to be as neutral and professional as you can.
The whole concept of employee grievance handling rests on the fact how important your employee’s emotions are for you and how seriously you take them.


Big or Small, you cannot ignore the issue completely as it is bothering one of your employees which may affect his productivity and in worse case, may affect the entire working environment. But, with broadening HR aspects and its involvement in almost every department, it is not possible for the human resource professionals to give time to each and every employee or keep record of their stated problems.


TeamWise-Grievance Handling system is an optimum solution to this. The HR software is embedded with an in-built complain centre, where the employees can post their complaints. The complaint will get processed in an utterly professional and systematic manner, moving from hierarchy to hierarchy and finally getting to a conclusion!



The idea of this whole system is just to ensure employees they are being heard and their concerns are taken care of. This will not only improve employee satisfaction levels, but will also IMPROVE the work environment and productivity greatly.