Monday, 9 June 2014

Don’t Take The ‘Flex-time’ Policies For Granted!!

Right from the beginning of our routine lives- we have been taught to be punctual, to arrive early, better if before time! This has made our mindsets punitive making us bring the same attitude to our offices.

But..Heyy..This is CORPORATE!! 

Companies have official “flex-time” policies allowing employees to set their own time frames as per the number of working hours. And I must say, employees just love it

Every organization comprises of a great blend of individuals- some are early risers, some are the stereotypes and rest are the NOCTURNALS!! Thus, maximum employees try to roll their shift timings as late as possible! 

TeamWise- Performance Appraisal System
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Although, the flex timings are given to let employees work their way, yet Harvard Business Review suggests that managers consider early coming as positive and late coming as negative. However, it is not proven scientifically, but the studies show that early comers are more conscientious than the late ones (no offences though!). 

This may come as good news for early comers and a bad one for the late comers, but this is being said because many of the employees try to take advantage of these officially approved programs. Thus, the managers are required to put in efforts to judge their people. May be efficient Time Tracking Tools can help you evaluate the in-out times, while for the performance evaluation, an effective PerformanceAppraisal System can work! Get the benefit of both in TeamWise that is an all-round HR & Payroll Solution helping you manage your workforce efficiently!