Friday, 10 April 2015

Managing Employee Life Cycle Through The Finest HRMS Solution - TeamWise

 A lot of balls juggle at the same time when it comes to HR activities or managing your organizational workforce. To keep your business’s head above water, HR need to create transparency in communication, handle remunerations, manage time and labor for optimized performance, administer company benefits and track employee skills to predict and manage future needs.

Current era marks as the new additions in HRMS, unlike before when it was meant only for hiring and payment. Thus to drive your business strategy in the right direction, utilizing a great HRMS solution is a must. Generally, HR time is mostly taken up by administrative works, leaving minimum time for analysis, planning and improvement. TeamWise is all set to balance this dissimilarity and will equip your HR Team to work smart.

“Take care of your employees and leave all HR activities to TeamWise – Your One Stop Solution for effective Human Resource Management.”

With TeamWise You Can:

Perform hassle-free recruitment.

Automate and accelerate all on-boarding activities to ensure a perfect start for an employee to the corporate journey. Our recruitment solution helps in ensuring complete transparency and control throughout the hiring process right from initiating resource request to joining of the employee. This not only quickens up the administrative processes, but at the same time makes the candidate evaluation process easier.

Analyze individual’s performance.

It enables you to identify and analyze employee performance through reports based on monthly performance tracking defining their contribution towards the organization. This further helps the employers to take crucial decisions best suited for fulfilling organizational goals and make future arrangements.

Track employee in-out timings.

A fully automated system for recording and managing employee attendance which can be seamlessly integrated with any time tracking devices such as Card swipe systems, Biometric readings, etc. The employee in and out timings are properly monitored to analyze the employee productive hours which eventually helps in generating the remunerations according to that.

Manage leaves and leave requests.

Our leave management system helps employees send leave requests and get approvals without any hassles. On the other hand, employers are provided with the ability of tracking the applied leaves and get the necessary reports as and when required.

Have a smart compensation management system.

With the payroll system provided in our HRMS, it is extremely easy to manage employee payrolls and other financial accounts without any errors. The hectic job of calculating various taxes can be easily performed in a single click with utmost accuracy and 100% precision keeping the attendance calculation in account.

 Identify and retain top talent

This system provides you the enterprise-wide visibility of your workforce so you can easily identify successive employees for key future positions. It simplifies this complex task by reviewing monthly performances and ensures success and growth of your organization. The top talent identified, then can be retained by providing training for their overall development thereby nurturing company’s benefits.

Handle employee grievances.

The grievance handling system makes sure that employees’ problems are handled before they are escalated and employees develop a sense of trust in the organization and its policies. The process includes assigning of complaints and monitoring its status until it is completely resolved.

Have employees give and take feedbacks.

Feedback system is extremely important in making your employees realize their performance and growth. This system sets a platform to give and receive feedbacks from subordinates, managers and supervisors on a regular basis based on the individual’s performance.

Carry out the overall workforce management with auditable records.

The dashboard provides a bird-eye view of the overall insight of workforce potential. It enables HR managers and senior executives to analyze HRM practices, employee statistics, organizational success, reports and any upcoming tasks. Along with this, employers can identify their competitive advantages and the areas where special attention is required.

Experience the ultimate TeamWise Advantage

TeamWise caters the HR executives with the most powerful system that will help them in improving recruitment and selection costs, reducing administrative burden, deliver organizational benefits with improved profitability, enhance the quality of day-to-day management, create a best-fit workplace environment and most importantly build a better workforce culture.