Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Bridging the Gap Between Human “Capital” Management and Human “Resource” Management..!!

Do you find any difference in referring ‘Human Resource Management’ as ‘Human Capital Management’?

Well! The common answer will be NO, but, there is a HUGE difference in both. While Human Resource Management is just related to acquiring and managing workforce, Human Capital Management works on a different approach. In HCM, employees are considered as the most important asset in an organization and their value is measured and enhanced through different strategies. 


The basic HR principles and legal tits n bits remain same while the execution of strategies changes in a way to give more benefit to employees. TeamWise, emphasizes on the same concept that bridges the gap between ‘not-so-emotional’ HRM and a strategic HCM to build and manage talent! 

TeamWise is specifically and cautiously designed keeping in view the interests of employees. The quintessential HR functionalities are incorporated along with different elements that clearly reflect changing dynamics of today’s workforce and their needs apart from basic corporate necessities.

These elements are basic, yet very critical for engaging your workforce and to enhance the level of commitment and dedication towards the organization. The only focus is to change the very notion of treating employees as just resources…and not as “Human Resources”!!

Take care of your most valuable asset… “Human Capital”!!!